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AnkerCAD Version 1.31 (Freeware)

AnkerCAD is a freeware program for building virtual models with bricks ('AnkerSteine'). It is a spin-off from BlockCAD, and was inspired by Burkhard Schulz, who has made all the stone definitions.

If you don't know what AnkerSteine (AnchorStones) are, you can take a look at the manufacturer's page, or one of the enthusiasts page.

With AnkerCAD you can save your models, or save pictures of them (.bmp, .jpg), even reuse a complete model as a part in another model.

Everything can be controlled with the mouse, but it's also possible to use the keyboard for most of the commands, making 'routine building' more effective, and there is a minimum of text involved, to make it easier for kids,

AnkerCAD is freeware, but if you really like the program, I would be happy if you send me a piece of (real) Lego - yes, I'd prefer Lego, but of course you may send me an Anker-stone instead, if you really want to, and maybe a postcard from your home town. My mail adress can be found in the About... box in the program.

AnkerCAD was started as a copy of BlockCAD 2.5, in the summer of 2001, when Burkhard Schulz sent me some stone definitions, and asked me if it was possible to do some small modifications. Burkhard has made a tremendous job, producing all of the stones in a very short time. I have only patched the BlockCAD program a little.


Latest News

2004-02-25 Version 1.31 + a lot more stones

2002-02-18 The first published version (1.0)




AnkerCAD Full Ver 1.31 Version 1.31 Full installation - ac_full.exe (2.1 MB)

AnkerCAD.exe Ver 1.31 Latest version of program, updates a Full installation - (471 kB)

Find the latest stone definitions.



Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I delete a block from the model?

A: Select pieces (Left-Click), press the 'Delete' key.

Q: Is the program freeware?

A: Yes, absolutely - but I would like a mail from you if you use it (OK, I would appreciate a Lego brick, if You really like the program).

Q: Can I design blocks of my own, and use in the program?

A: Yes (sort of). Right Click in the block selector panel.

Q: Can I save the images on disk?

A: Yes. Click on the camera.

Q: The printing doesn't seem to work!

A: Sorry! It is difficult to program for all possible printers (and video cards!). It works for me, but another method is to save the image, and use Paint, PhotoShop or anything else to do the real job.

Q: How do I draw bricks up in the air?

A: Place them down on the base plate, select all of them (Left Click on each), choose Advanced Toolbox in the Options menu. Now lift them up by clicking the Z+ button.



Updated 2011-12-16