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About me

I was born 1954, in the (small) town Mjölby in Sweden. Now I live with my family (wife, two boys, and a girl) in Eskilstuna, making my living as a systems programmer at a company called C.E. Johansson (ever heard of JoBlocks?).


I like programming computers, preferably with Delphi, the great tool from Borland. I have been programming since 1973, and made a living of it since 1978, and Delphi is the best tool I've seen yet.


I often build with Lego together with the kids, and I like that, especially now, when they are big enough to use Lego Technic. You can find more about this on my Lego Page.


Playing games with the computer is fun (and relaxing). Some of my favourites are: Myst, Riven (the sequel to Myst), Myst Exile (a sequel to Riven), Transport Tycoon, Civilization (I and II) and many more when I get the time for it.

I have also spent a lot of time playing Civ Evolution, a free Civ2 clone with open source, and the possibility to add computer players of your own making. I've made a couple of AI (Artificial Intelligence) DLL-s, take a look if you're interested.

Traditional games are also fun sometimes, but it's getting hard to find anyone who wants to play. My favourite is Mah-Jong, and a crazy game from the MAD magazine (Swedish version) called 'Götebörsen', which is a travesty of Monopoly.

Other interests

My wife and kids.

Books (You know, the hard square things with letters on that doesn't respond to clicks, so you have to use your hands to get at the contents). I'm very fond of reading, any time of day or night.

Playing 'Innebandy' for exercise (Indoor bandy? You run around with a club, and try to kill the opponents and send the ball into a small goal). I'm the 'instructor' for a gang of elderly gentlemen who are meeting once a week and enjoying themselves with this sport. We never compete with others though.


Updated 2004-02-23