Ray-traces of some BlockCAD models

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New: My little summer house…

These pictures were made by exporting from BlockCAD to Ldraw, then converting to POV-Ray files with either the eminent software L2P and piece library LGEO made by Lutz Uhlmann , or the equally eminent software L3P by Lars Hassing.

This is my first real try at ray-tracing, so hopefully the pictures will get more interesting with time...

'Le Car'

'Le Train'

'La Luna'

And here is a little picture of my summer house…

no, just kidding there. But it looks roomy enough, doesn't it? If you want the big picture (1024x768) it's here (400kB!). The model consists of 1852 pieces, and I assure you, it wasn't built in an afternoon - in fact it took more like all afternoons in a week. The original is found in my old Lego Idea Book (warning, lots of pictures, slow loading), so it's not a creation of my own (OK, the garden is).