Colin and Wanda visits Sweden

[Airplane and most figures courtesy of Björn Löfroth]

On Friday Oct 1:st 1999 the globetrotters Colin and Wanda arrived safely in Sweden. A large host welcomed them at the airport, although the weather was ... (well, Swedish weather ...).

Among the welcomers, we can see the Mayor shaking hands with Colin.

The journey was planned to continue in a big fat limousine to Eskilstuna, but an unfortunate engine breakdown caused a little change in plans...


 Thanks to some nice bystanders, Colin and Wanda at least didn't have to walk all the way (110 km). The Mayor on the other hand, had to wait for the repair, so he missed the rest of their stay!



Picture made with BlockCAD


Finally, Colin and Wanda arrives to their Swedish home, where they stayed 14 days, before the long trip continued to Scotland.


- "Hey, that's not like me at all! My hair is much longer"
- "Well, at least I got my hat on."


Colin and Wanda are not the first foreginers to visit our house, here you can se a little collection of prisoners, who has never left...




 During their stay Colin and Wanda has had the pleasure of meeting many people, both ABS and carbon based.


Together with Jonatan (9), they had a lovely day at the races. Colin really wanted to have a try at the wheel, but time (and the car owners) didn't permit.




A bit optimistic was their wish to go skiing - as you can see, the snow has not yet reached the hills of Eskilstuna. As the ski slope in Eskilstuna is placed on the old city dump, you can imagine their feelings...


As the weather the next couple of days was typically Swedish, we had to resort to indoor activities. Johannes (12) even let them come into the secret 'Space development area' (Area 42).


 Area 42


- "Vroom, vroom!"


Here, at last, Colin had the chance to a real 'hands-on' experience - unfortunately the secrecy agreement forbids us to show any pictures of the flight (The mechanic says the craft will be as good as new in two or three weeks).


One of the dangers in the world of big people are the not so very big people - Wanda had a narrow escape from an encounter with the youngest of her host family (Jenny, 8 months).



- "Ouch!!!"


After that adventure, the schedule had to be changed. The planned visit to the local Museum Of Old Scrap was cancelled as Wanda needed quite a rest. Look at all the guys swarming around her!






On the last day, they finally had a visit to the legendary company C.E. Johansson, where your's truly earns his daily bread.


At the camera and keyboard - Anders Isaksson
Model builders: Jonatan Isaksson, Johannes Isaksson, Björn Löfroth


Colin and Wanda in Australia

Anders (BlockCAD author)
Björn (Johannes' best friend)