BlockCAD source code - download (version 3.0)

Well, I have decided to publish the source code for BlockCAD (in the hope that someone fixes everything I don't have the time to do J ).

As this program started out as one of my first Delphi projects, and has grown piecewise during the years, together with my knowledge of Delphi, it is not the most well structured, beautiful, well commented, ..., program in the world, but here it is.

Blockcad source zipped archive 131 kB

You will also need the RX Library, a free library of Delphi components and routines from Russia - get it at Your favourite Delphi page (It seems to be out of circulation) and ToolBar97 by Jordan Russel.

I would appreciate if You send me a copy of Your modifications, and that You still credit me for the original version (And make sure all the Lego pieces are sent to J ).

Last updated 2004-02-23